Worst/Dangerous Places To Live In Lagos

Worst/Dangerous Places To Live In Lagos

Worst/Dangerous Places To Live In Lagos

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Lagos is an exciting city to live in or visit, you can say the city has everything including the best hotel, cinema, and a lot more. No wonder it is known as the Centre of Excellence. The city is one of the most populated states in Nigeria due to its rapid development and opportunities.

Even though Lagos is one of the most developed and safest places to live. There are still a few areas that one has to be cautious of. Lagos is like many other states in the country, it has its own fair share of bad neighborhoods.

Even with the heavy presence of the police in Lagos, one still has to be very cautious of where one stay or visits at certain times. This article will discuss the worst places to live in Lagos.

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Top 7 Most Dangerous Places To Live In Lagos

The following are some of the most dangerous areas in Lagos that you should avoid or be very careful when visiting.


Ajegunle is popularly known as a “Ghetto paradise” where criminality thrives. One could say Ajegunle is the most unsafe area in Lagos state. The area is highly populated and filled with old buildings, it is a no-go area at night.

There have been reports of missing children, rape cases, and the regular occurrence of the battle for supremacy between cult members.


Agege is famous for its black spot known for selling hard drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. According to the report, criminal activities have been rampant as well as murders, raping and arm robberies have become the order of the day in Agege.

The residents of Agege have to cope with the offensive smell from the slaughterhouse located in the area. Moreover any time it rains the abattoir is a stopover flood because most of the drainage systems are blocked by refuse discharged.


Hoodlums usually operate at ojota during the day and night to steal and abuse drugs, especially on the pedestrians’ bridges. Also, many victims have reported that they were robbed at the bus park at night.

However, the police and other security agents are putting a lot of effort into reducing criminal activity in this area.


Ikorodu is one of the most dangerous areas in Lagos state. The hoodlums in this district usually commit different criminal activities ranging from kidnapping to phone theft.

There has been a report of the killing of people by cultists in the community and also engaged in supremacy battles between a cult member or rival cult.

Mile 12

The hoodlums in this district take advantage of the traffic at night to rob people. There have also been reports of violence and riot in mile 12. However, the police have been able to apprehend some of the hoodlums with ammunition and local charms.


Mushin has been identified as one of the most dangerous communities since 1980 and till now it has not changed. Rather has turned into a center of notorious acts ranging from phone theft to cult clashes are experienced in Mushin.

Mushin is home to large Industrial, and commercial enterprises including bicycle and motorized-cycle assembly spinning and weaving cotton, shoe manufacturing, and the production of powdered milk.


Berger is the entry point of Lagos and it’s well known to everyone. It is popularly called the home of ‘hustlers’ and there is always road transport official on the lookout for unwary drivers especially visitor to Lagos. To extortion them in the name of Lagos State Traffic Laws.

However, due to the population in the area, there has constantly been a report of phone theft, pickpocketing, and gang fights.

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What is the safest area in Lagos?

The top safest place in Lagos

  • Banana island
  • Ikoyi
  • Lekki
  • Yaba
  • Ikeja
  • Magodo
  • Victoria Island

Where is the finest city in Nigeria?

Top city to visit in Nigeria

  • Abuja
  • Lagos
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Calabar
  • Bauchi
  • Benin City
  • Kano
  • Port Harcourt

What is the cleanest city in Nigeria?

Top 5 cleanest cities in Nigeria

  • Abuja
  • Delta state
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Cross River
  • Port Harcourt

Conclusion: Worst/Dangerous Places To Live In Lagos

Although some area in Lagos is very dangerous, other areas are extremely safe to live in. it is important to always avoid the above-listed area or be very cautious when visiting those areas.

Despite the heavy presence of the police in Lagos, the rate of criminal activity in some of the areas are high.

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