Is Relocating To Canada From Nigeria Worth It

Is Relocating To Canada From Nigeria Worth It

Is Relocating To Canada From Nigeria Worth It

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For decades, thousands of Nigerians have relocated to Canada in search of a better life. Canada is like any other developed
country; it has its benefit and drawback but when compared to Nigeria. The benefit of relocating to Canada outweighs the disadvantage.

Canada offers diverse benefits such as improved security, a thriving economy, political stability, an improved health care system, job opportunities, and an improved educational system.

According to the Canada immigration service, the number of Nigerians relocating to Canada every year is still on the increase. And more than 40,000 Nigerian are currently calling Canada home.

Canada is rated as one of the world’s largest countries by land mass but has a very small population to occupy the space. When compared to Nigeria, Canada’s land mass is estimated at 9.98 million km2 while Nigeria’s landmass is 923,768 km2. However, when it comes to population, Nigeria is more than 5 times that of Canada.

Due to the small population and abundance of land mass, Canada is always open to accepting migrants in order to support economic growth. This article will discuss the reason why relocating to Canada from Nigeria is worth it.

Reason Why Relocating To Canada From Nigeria is Worth It

Below are the various reasons why it is worth relocating from Nigeria to Canada;

Economic Stability

Canada can boast of being one of the world’s most stable economies while Nigeria’s economy is in jeopardy. Currently, Nigeria suffers from economic instability which has led to the devaluation of the naira compare to other major currencies. Moreover, the cost of living in Nigeria keeps on increasing without any hope of coming down which has made life harder for the common man.

Improved Security

When it comes to security, Canada is one of the most secure countries to live in. Even though, once in a while, the residents might experience a low rate of criminal activities, Canada is still very safe compare to Nigeria.

Due to the Economic Instability and Boko Haram, Nigeria is experiencing an increase in insecurity. Criminal activities keep on increasing day by day ranging from phone theft to kidnapping.

Top-Notch Educational System

When it comes to the educational system, Canada can boast of having of one the best higher learning institution in the world. Most Nigerians relocate to Canada to further their field of study. Some of the best universities in Canada are the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, and lot others. 

Job Opportunities

Canada is blessed with a massive landmass of almost 10 times that of Nigeria and a very small population to occupy the space. So, Canada has always offered a wide range of job opportunities to its resident and migrant to support economic growth.

Advanced Healthcare Service

According to the official world population review site in 2023, Canada ranked the 14th country with the best healthcare service in the world. While Nigeria is ranked the 144th country with the best health care. With this record, Canada has better health care services compared to Nigeria.

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How much will it cost to relocate to Canada from Nigeria?

There is no specific amount when it comes to relocating from one country to another because it depends on the individual lifestyle and his purpose of traveling. However, relocating to Canada, you need to show your proof of funds that can cover your cost of living for at least 6 months which should be about N5,000,000 or more.

Which country is the best to relocate to from Nigeria?

Top 5 best countries to relocate to from Nigeria

The United States
The United Kingdom
New Zealand

What are the disadvantages of migrating to Canada from Nigeria?

Top 5 drawback of living in Canada

Harsh climate
High taxes
Buying a house is expensive
Nigerian foods are expensive
Getting around between cities can be a problem.

Conclusion: Is Relocating To Canada From Nigeria Worth It

Yes, it is worth relocating to Canada from Nigeria. Canada offers better economic stability, job opportunities, healthcare, and education compared to Nigeria. 

You should know Canada is not for everyone, if you can’t handle the harsh climate, it would be best to live in Nigeria. Moreover, there are still a few people living in Nigeria who are doing better than those in Canada.

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