How To Survive Life In The UK As A Nigerian Student

How To Survive Life In The UK As A Nigerian Student

How To Survive Life In The UK As A Nigerian Student

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Thousands of Nigerians travel every year to the United Kingdom for the purpose of the study. The UK is home to a lot of prestigious higher institutions where both domestic and international students wish to acquire more knowledge in their field of study.

However, a good number of Nigerian apply through scholarships, and in most cases, the scholarship covers their tuition fee, accommodation fee, and other fees. As a Nigerian student aspiring to study in the United Kingdom, there are some things you need to know if you want to survive comfortably. Although the UK is one of the best countries for study, the cost of living is expensive.

There has been a report of Nigerian struggling to survive in the UK because they did not make proper research before embarking on the journey. This article will discuss how to survive life in the UK as a Nigerian student.

Tips On How To Survive Life In The UK As A Nigerian Student


The following are tips on how to survive in the United Kingdom as a Nigerian student;

Apply For A Part-Time Work

As a Nigerian studying in the UK either as a full-time or part-time student, you are permitted to work for some hours per week. No matter your level of education, there are good-paying jobs you can apply for while studying. However, some Nigerians feel getting a job would affect their studies but it is not quite true. Because there are jobs you can work and still have time for your studies.

Moreover, the United Kingdom is an advanced country, that is there are jobs you can work from home while you are still a student. So, by doing this, you can maximize every second of your life and earn money for yourself while you are still a student.

Apply For A Scholarship

Every year lot of scholarship programs are made available for a student aspiring to study in the UK. Moreover, if you are offered a scholarship to study in the UK, just know that your chance of survival in the UK as a Nigerian student are far above 75%. Because most scholarship program covers your tuition fees and accommodation fee, and some programs go the extra mile to take care of your feeding.

We recommend that you regularly search for the available scholarship program for Nigerians who aspire to further their education in the UK. And if you are lucky to find a scholarship program that you are eligible for, ensure you prepare very well to pass the exam.

Search For Low-Tuition Schools

In the United Kingdom, tuition fees vary for all universities depending on your course of study. Do you know this factor is where most Nigerians get it wrong? Yes, everyone wants to go to the best school but if you are the one sponsoring yourself to the UK.

You have to consider your expenses because applying to a school with a high tuition fee without a constant source of income to sustain yourself might give you issues. So it would be best if you apply for an affordable university in the UK, then you can use the remaining saved-up money to take care of yourself in the UK.

Apply For A Student Loan

In the United Kingdom, there are companies and organizations responsible for giving students loans to sustain them till they are done with their studies. However, some companies may demand collateral while others just need your document which proves that you are willing to repay in due time.

Nevertheless, applying for student loans is one way many Nigerian students utilized to able them survive in the UK and achieve their dream in life. However, this loan becomes an issue for some people to pay back, especially when they fail to get a good job.

Reduce Cost of Living

no doubt, the cost of living in the UK is quite expensive compared to Nigeria. however, you can reduce your cost of living to help you survive as a student in the UK. This means you need to cut away any excessive spending, especially on food, clothing, or outing with friends.

The Reason Why Studying in the UK is Worth it as a Nigerian 

Below are the reasons why you study in the United Kingdom as a Nigerian.

  • The UK institution has one of the best standards in the world in their teaching, learning, research, and many more.
  • A few institutions in the United Kingdom offer financial help to their international students through tuition fees discount or scholarships.
  • Some of the best universities in the world are located in the United Kingdom such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and many more.
  • In the United Kingdom, international students are allowed to work for certain hours per week even though they are still attending classes.
  • UK institutions offer shorter duration of undergraduate and postgraduate courses compared to Nigerian institutions.



Is relocating to the UK from Nigeria worth it?

The major reason many Nigerians relocate to the UK is because of the abundance of job opportunities and a better education system. So yes, it is worth it to relocate to the UK from Nigeria.

How can I survive in the UK as a Student?

Guidelines on How to Survive in the UK for international students

  • Apply for job
  • Connect with groups or friends
  • Learn about the transportation system
  • Reduce your cost of living
  • Get a cheap accommodation

Can I stay in the UK after my studies?

Yes, a graduate visa is issued to you after the successful completion of a course in the UK. The Visa  allows you to stay in the UK for at least two years during which you can get a work permit.

What is the disadvantage of studying in the UK for international students?

The major disadvantage of studying in the United Kingdom as an international student is that cost of living is expensive, the high tuition fee, and climate change.


Conclusion: How To Survive Life In The UK As A Nigerian Student

The above mention tips are some ways to survive in the UK. However, you must always make good research before relocating to the UK especially if you are sponsoring yourself. Thank you for reading this article and we hope you got some helpful information. Please comment and share



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