Is Ghana Better To Live In Than Nigeria?

Is Ghana Better To Live In Than Nigeria?

Is Ghana Better To Live In Than Nigeria?

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Many people wonder if living in Ghana is better than living in Nigeria. Besides, both countries are similar in certain aspects as well as their history. They were both colonized by the British Empire and had similar political foundations to a large extent.

Ghana is popularly known as “West Africa Golden Child” because the nation is rich in gold, cocoa, and oil. While Nigeria is popularly known as “The Giant of Africa.” Nevertheless, both countries are blessed with many natural resources and diverse cultures.

However, is Ghana better than Nigeria this article will discuss why staying in either Ghana or Nigeria can be beneficial and which of the country is best suited for you.

Is Ghana Better To Live In Than Nigeria

The People

The Ghanaians live a peaceful life at a slower pace without the need to boast and show off excessively. While Nigerians are amazing people, the general society is more suited to a fast-paced, aggressive way of life.

However, the people of both countries are calm and hospitable, and they appreciate their cultures and tradition. Nigeria is the most populous black nation, with over 220 million people, while Ghana has 30 million people.


Ghana is one of Africa’s safest countries, with little or no reports of banditry and terrorism. The Ghanaian government is swift to act whenever there is a potential threat or nuisance by the settlers in the country.

Nigeria is rated as one of the most dangerous countries in Africa due to the recent terrorist attack e g Boko Haram attack on the northern region of Nigeria, kidnapping, and stealing. However, the Nigerian government has been trying to control these terrorist attacks because a wise nation must understand the importance of self-preservation.

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According to research, Ghana generally has a better educational system than Nigeria. However, Nigeria still has some of Africa’s best higher learning institutions. The Ghanaian government tends to invest more time and funds in their public higher institution, unlike the Nigerian government, which shows little or no interest in public higher institutions. Although Ghana has one of the best public higher learning institutions in Africa, Nigeria s some of the best private higher learning institutions in Africa.

Level of Unemployment

Nigeria has a higher rate of unemployment than Ghana. However, the population of Nigeria is 7x times larger than Ghana. Additionally, the cost of living in Ghana is relatively more expensive than in Nigeria.


Ghana has one of the most stable economies in West Africa, and most foreign investors tend to invest in Ghana. Although Nigeria’s economy has been crushing recently, it is still a good nation for small and medium-scale businesses to thrive. Moreover, Nigeria has more population than Ghana, and there are more people to patronize your business.

Passport Ranking

According to the passport index worldwide, Ghana’s passport is ranked 66th in the global ranking with access to 42 countries visa-free. While Nigeria is ranked 82 in the global ranking with access to 25 countries visa-free.


Due to the naira devaluation, the Ghana currency Cedi has surpassed the naira. Currently, at the official CBN exchange rate, GHS1 is equivalent to N$43 while at the black-market exchange rate, GHS1 is equivalent to N70. Therefore, earning in Ghanaian Cedis is far better than earning in naira.

Tourism and The Year of Return

Many African American or tourists considering visiting any African country always consider Ghana as the first choice alongside South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, and Tanzania. Moreover, according to the U.S. Department of State, Nigeria is declared as Level 3 which means Reconsider Travel while some states in Nigeria are declared as Level 4 which means Do Not Travel. This is one of the major why many tourists are scared to visit Nigeria and the changing government policies which destroy investment & business to greed, terrorism, and banditry.

In 2019, The Year of Return was introduced and Ghana opened its arm wide to all African descendent and returnees considering relocating to Africa. Despite Nigeria being home to Afrobeat/African entertainment, it is hardly a country considered by the African diaspora as the first choice of destination.

Ghana VS Nigeria: Which is Better?

Ghana or Nigeria is better to live in solely depending on individual preference. However, currently, Ghana is better to live in than Nigeria because Nigeria is facing security challenges and the naira devaluation. Nevertheless, Nigeria should not be written off because there is a reason the country was named the Giant of Africa. It has the potential to become the most developed country in Africa.


Is the thing cheaper in Ghana than in Nigeria?

No, things are more expensive in Ghana than in Nigeria.

Which African country is richer than Nigeria?

List of African countries richer than Nigeria

  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Morocco
  • Kenya

Which country is easiest to migrate to from Nigeria?

Ten easiest countries to relocate to

  • Belize
  • Paraguay
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Ecuador
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • Kenya

Why do people leave Nigeria?

Due to the recent increase in insecurity, many Nigerian immigrants have to go to other countries to search for better job opportunities. Ghana has a better standard of living and also has a low crime rate.

Does Nigeria have more gold than Ghana?

No, Ghana has more gold than Nigeria. when it comes to gold mining, Ghana is Africa’s leader in gold mining industries.

Conclusion: Is Ghana Better To Live In Than Nigeria

Regarding security, Ghana is one of the safest countries to stay in Africa, making it a better place to stay, unlike Nigeria. However, both countries are listed as developing nations, so they both have pros and setbacks. Some people want to say ghanta is better while others say Nigeria is better, but it all depends on your preference (what are you looking for in a nation).

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