Most Dangerous Place To Live In Port Harcourt/Rivers State

Most Dangerous Place To Live In Port Harcourt/Rivers State

Most Dangerous Place To Live In Port Harcourt/Rivers State

Port Harcourt is one of the most developed states, and it is the capital city of Rivers State, located in the southern region of Nigeria. The city is listed as one of the world’s top energy cities and is popularly known for its high commercial and social activities.

Like any other state in Nigeria, a few areas in Port Harcourt are not that safe. No place in the world is 100% secure, so there are always some areas where you should be cautious.

Although it is one of the most congested cities in Nigeria, some people are still scared of relocating or perhaps visiting. Because they heard the city is full of cultism, gangsterism, and robbery. This article will discuss the most dangerous place to live in Port Harcourt/River State.

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10 Most Dangerous Place To Live In Port Harcourt/Rivers State.

The following are some dangerous places in Port Harcourt to relocate or visit;




Borokiri is located south of old GRA in Port Harcourt. It shares a border with Ahoada Street to the north, on the east by Okrika Island, on the west ship builder’s road, and on the south by the Orubiri oilfield.

There has been a report of numerous robberies, with and without guns, making it a dangerous area. Additionally, kidnapping is still one of the most common crimes committed in the state against residents and foreigners.

Mile 1 To Mile 3 Axis

Mile 1

These are two major open-air marketplaces in Port Harcourt. Everything is sold there, from foodstuff to household items. But unfortunately, these districts are often crowded, and crooks and hoodlums usually frequent them. However, the local security and the police are working together to minimize the crime rate in the area.

Etche LGA


Etche is another popular LGA and one of the most dangerous areas to live in rivers due to kidnapping and cult-related activity. The district is populated by the Umuoma boys, a dangerous cult group, and unknown gunmen who regularly target several settlements. Several individuals had been murdered, many people had been injured, and homes had been destroyed during these attacks. However, inhabitants of the river state find it hard to go to Etche due to the high insecurity rate.


In Port Harcourt, D- line is a bustling commercial and residential area. This district is highly populated, which has increased criminal activities, making it one of Port Harcourt’s most dangerous places to live.

According to the report, the rise in kidnapping, cultism, violent robbery, and handbag theft has terrified the residents of D-line and the neighboring areas.


Diobu is a highly populated metropolitan district in Port Harcourt. It is home to Rivers State University and other thriving businesses. Although Diobu is one of the busiest commercial districts in the city, nearly half of its residents are struggling to get by. According to the report, the districts have a high rate of gang activity, armed robberies, and kidnapping. In addition, the public regularly criticizes the police because their response time is frequently unfavorably long.

However, the government signed laws enforcing mandatory sentencing measures for the purpose of reducing crime.

Ikwerre LGA

Ikwerre LGA is one of the most dangerous places to live due to its high rate of cult activities. However, Ikwerre local government area contains 14 towns and the ancient city of Isiokpo is the capital of Ikwerre.

According to the report, about nine of the towns have been colonized by various cult organizations which have resulted in ambition for dominance. As well as hundreds of young men have been slain and many others are still missing.

Emohua LGA

Emohua is a sibling local government area to Ikwerre and both districts have many commonalities. They have almost identical language, and traditions and are ruled by a single supreme council.

According to a news report, kidnappers have taken over the east-west road, which connects the Ndele and Rundele communities.

Oilmill Market

Oil mill market

The oil market dates back to the origins of the river state and it’s located in Rumuokwurusi village, Obio/Akpor LGA. The area got its name due to the large volume of palm oil that was marketed there a few decades ago.

On market day, pickpocketing and phone theft are very common, and criminals prey on drivers unfamiliar with the area, especially private car owners.

Ogba/Ndoni/Egbema LGA (ONELGA)

ONELGA is one of the most dangerous LGA to live in River State regarding insecurity. Despite the effort of the state administration, local security, and the police to de-escalate the issue by implementing an amnesty program, the LGA is still on high alert. There have been several reports of kidnapping and assassination of people in the community.

Trans Amadi Slaughter

Trans Amadi Slaughter is one of the most dangerous places to live in River State. The district is filled with major manufacturing industries and there is a thousand-hectare industrial complex. However, the state administration, local security, and the police are putting all their effort to curb crime out of the area and protecting lives and property in the state.


Which market is the biggest in Port Harcourt?

The Creek Road Town Market, popularly known as the Yam zone, is one of the biggest markets in Port Harcourt.

Where is the best place to live in Port Harcourt?

Best places to live in Port Harcourt

  • New GRA
  • Old GRA
  • Peter Odili Road
  • Ade George/AGIP
  • Eagle Island

Are Port Harcourt people Igbos?

Coastal peoples dominate the city, including Ijaw, Ikwerre, and Ogoni.

What are the major areas of Port Harcourt?

The major areas of Port Harcourt

  • GRA
  • Elekahia
  • Rumuomasi
  • D-line
  • Elelenwo
  • Eliozu
  • Iboloji
  • Ogbunabali
  • Rumuola
  • Diobu
  • Woji


Conclusion: Most Dangerous Place To Live In Port Harcourt/Rivers State

According to the statistics on the crime report, rivers state is rated as one of the most dangerous states in Nigeria due to its high level of insecurity. That is why you should always be vigilant when visiting the above-listed area.

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