How to Renew a Nigerian Passport in the UK?

How to Renew a Nigerian Passport in the UK?

How to Renew a Nigerian Passport in the UK?

An international passport is a document that allows the holder of the passport to cross international borders. The international passport usually contains the individual personal information such as the full name, sex, photo, nationality, and date of birth.

Globally, every country requires an international passport among other documents before foreigners are allowed into the country. Hence, without the International passport, Nigerians can’t travel to other countries or can’t exercise their right to freely move around. However, with a Nigerian passport, you can travel visa-free to 26 countries in the world.

Oftentimes, Nigerians who are living in the UK always wonder how to renew their passport without coming back to Nigeria. Usually, Nigerian passports are renewed after 5 years from the day it was issued but recently some passports are renewed after 10 years. Do you want to know how to renew a Nigerian passport in the UK, then you are in the right post. Let’s get started…

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The Requirements for Nigerian Passport

Below are the requirements for a Nigeria International passport.

  • Letter of identification from the applicant Local Government Area
  • Birth certificate or Age declaration is needed
  • Two recent Colored passport photographs
  • A Guarantor’s form sworn to before a High Court Judge
  • Parents’ letter of consent (for minors under 16 years)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Police report (in case of lost passport)
  • Submit the application form with other supporting documents to the passport office.


Required Document for Renewal of Nigerian Passport in the UK

Below are the required documents expected of you to take to the Nigerian High Commission in the UK on your appointment day.

  • Payment slip
  • Duly filled application form
  • The expired Nigerian passport
  • A special delivery envelope is needed so your renewed passport can be delivered to your home address.
  • A £20 postal order


Steps on How To Renew Nigerian Passport In The UK

The following are guidelines on how to renew a Nigerian passport in the United Kingdom.

  • Visit on your phone
  • Click on Sign Up if you are a new user or click on Login for an existing user.
  • Click on Passport and select ePassport.
  • Click on Passport Type and select Standard ECOWAS Passport.
  • Select the processing country as United Kingdom
  • Click on Start Application and you will be directed to a new platform to add your Gmail account.
  • Fill the application information and accept the terms and conditions to complete the application.
  • A mail will be sent to your registered email containing your application ID and reference number.
  • Proceed to make online payment and when your payment is successful, you will receive a notification. Please ensure to print the Passport Acknowledgment Slip and Passport Payment slip.
  • Visit to Book your appointment with the High Commission Office in the United Kingdom.
  • On the appointment date, go to the High Commission office with the required documents.
  • The officer in charge would check and collect your documents and you would be shown where to do your biometric capturing.

How much does Nigerian Passport Renewal Cost?

The cost of renewing a Nigerian passport in the UK is subject to change. However, it is important to check the official Nigerian High Commission site or consulate for the updated fee information.

Nevertheless, when this post was written, the cost of renewing a Nigerian passport in the UK is about £120 for 5 years of validity while for 10 years of validity, it costs £183.



How can I renew my Nigerian passport abroad?

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Visit any Nigerian Embassy or Consular office in that country to renew your passport. So be sure to always check for the required documents and the fee to renew your Nigerian passport.

Can I travel to Nigeria with an expired Nigerian passport from the UK?

You are permitted to travel back to Nigeria with an expired Nigerian passport from the UK but you can relocate to the UK from Nigeria with an expired passport.

How long does it take to get a Nigerian passport in the UK?

It usually takes up to 2 weeks for a renewed Nigerian passport and up to 6 weeks for first-time applicants.

Conclusion: How to Renew Nigerian Passport in the UK

Nigerians living in the UK can easily renew their expired Nigerian passport at the High Commission office. However, there are certain fees you ought to pay to the authorities and also documents you ought to take to the High Commission office.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you were able to get a lot of helpful information. Please share with your friends and family and also drop us a comment or suggestion.


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